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Restaurant Idea Factory is a new media company that brings together three of the top minds and creators in the hospitality industry, whose combined content stats have exceeded 100 Million+ Online Engagements, 18 Million+ Episode Views, 760,000+ Downloads, 215,000+ Social Audience.

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Join hosts Kyle Inserra, Shawn P Walchef and Jensen Cummings for restaurant industry current affairs, breaking news and hot takes, streaming on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, with additional RIF content clips distributed on Tik Tok and Instagram.

Jensen Cummings (@jensencummings) is a fifth-generation Chef and Restaurateur based in Denver, CO. He began his career at 17 years old as a dishwasher. He spent the last twenty-plus years working across the industry from cook to server to bartender, Cicerone, Fermentationist, General Manager, Owner, Keynote Speaker, Strategist and Consultant. Cummings companies include, Best Served Creative, Angry Olive Consulting and Fortune Cookie Concepts. He is also the host of Best Served Podcast.Shawn Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) is the founder of Cali BBQ Media, restaurant owner, keynote speaker, technology advocate, and proud dad. Since opening Cali BBQ in 2008, his family-run restaurant and media company has made more than $35 million. There are currently five Cali BBQ locations around San Diego. Shane is also the host of two additional podcasts, Restaurant Influencers and Digital Hospitality.Kyle Inserra (@kyleinserra) is a restaurant growth expert passionate about helping food and beverage concepts reach their full potential. He has over two decades of first-hand experience with stints as the co-founder of  Polpettina and LA LA Taqueria in New York. Kyle is also the host of two additional podcasts, The National Restaurant Owner's Podcast and Commercial Real Estate School.

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